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Based in Colorado, Russ has been conducting scheduled and custom workshops for over 17 years. He is a formally trained photographer through the New York Institute of Photography. Although his initial focus was on landscapes and wildlife, he has expanded his skills in recent years to include the exciting world of macro photography. When he is not teaching others, Russ spends many hours each week in nature perfecting his skills and experimenting with new photographic techniques. He subscribes to the philosophy of leave no trace. He practices and teaches the photographic skills needed to work with nature to get the shot instead of altering the behavior of wildlife or destructively modifying the environment.

Russ started running workshops while he was still serving in the military at the urging of friends and colleagues.  He retired from the Navy after 23 years and has been concentrating on his photography ever since. Russ shows his appreciation for those that have served or are currently serving our country by offering military discounts to retirees and active duty military on all his workshops.  Russ is a contributor to Nature Photography magazine. His photographs have won awards and been featured in various photographic gallery exhibits.

A Yellowstone National Park sunset